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Student Ranking

Official Student Ranking

When you join South Valley Jiu Jitsu you are training with direct lineage from the Gracie family.  Our lineage can be traced as follows:   Helio Gracie> Rorion Gracie> Ryron Gracie> Tommy Little

Official Student Rankings under Tommy Little:
For any corrections, please request changes
List updated 7-24-2018

Black Belt Members Brown Belt Members
Purple Belt Members
Blue Belt Members
Tommy Little
Sean Clark
Keith Cal King Tyler
Scotty Beaumont
Mike Beaumont Joe Espejo
Felipe Hermosillo
Bill Peck
Marky Austin Eliseo Valdovinos
Steve Aguinaga
Jason Mesa
Ferny Arreola Mike Bruner
George Peak
Jennifer Hunter
Brandon Long Chris Spilla Phillips
Mondo Varelas
John Gill
JC Llamas

Mike Rollin
John Fugate 
Brian Agnetti
Sergio Helou
  Matt Levesque
Darin Beck
    Julio Franco
Amie La Chance Strong Aguinaga
Ethan Seal
      Joey Seal
      Frank Vaughn
      Tyler Vierra
      Jesse Lovan
      Chris Shipp
David Thorpe
Matt Weir
Edwin Rosales
Justin Young
Keith Rebiejo
"Ants" Issac Guerra